Elfen Lied (Complete Series)

Elfen Lied is one of those names that has been floating around in my consciousness for a while, but just recently picked up the slimcase boxset on the cheap on the ebay. And I am really glad I did. Elfen Lied might be one of the greatest things I have ever seen in any media.

The series is twelve episodes long, which works out to be about the perfect length for such a series. It is the gruesome mixture of blood-spurting violence, punctuated nudity, and emotionally charged situations. I found myself, in merely the first several episodes, shaking my head and saying, “Did they really do that?? Oh my god…!” It is the sort of series that that just absolutely shell-shocks the viewer.

It is interesting in how emotionally wrapped up into the series you can get. Everything compliments each other to make the experience all the more engaging. The violence and nudity aren’t just gratuitous (well, usually not). They are there to prove a point and really highlight the horrors experience. As such, Elfen Lied’s MA rating is a no-brainer.

The music in Elfen Lied is outstanding. From the stirring melody of the opening theme to the subtle orchestration that peppers the episodes, it is all pretty much amazing. They capitalize on this later in the series and pull the theme into the story to great effect. It is refreshing to see a series do such wonderful things with the music.

It is true that Elfen Lied has become not just one of the best animes I have seen, but it also ranks above just about any other movie I have seen or book I have read. (To be fair, there are definitely a few books when I might rank above this as far as raw impact goes… but that doesn’t diminish the insane potency this series has.) I highly recommend it to anyone of MA age.

Title: Elfen Lied
US Distributor: ADV
Number of Episodes: 13
Availability: Readily in both singles and a thinpack.
Links: ANN Encyclopedia
Rating: 95


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