Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na -Crescent Love- (Complete Series)

Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro na -Crescent Love- (as Anime News Network refers to it as, and henceforth referred to as simply Crescent Love for the sake of space and my sanity) is akin to the previously reviewed Onegai Teacher. It is a romance that is based around a common romance genre theme: princess and common boy. It is, of course, not generally accepted by everyone that they should be together and all kinds of political intrigue ensues.

It is in two areas that Crescent Love succeeds. The first is with the fun characters who are easy to root for. It wouldn’t be much of a romance if we didn’t like both of the main protagonists. It gets conveyed to the viewer that they truly are in love and want to overcome the obstacles in their way.

It is in the second area where Crescent Love takes on its own personality. Beyond fairytale-style romances the main obstacle to overcome is the personal sort between the two characters. This is especially evident in the aforementioned Onegai Teacher. With Crescent Love, however, the obstacles come from outside forces, and this tension is what keeps this show interesting during the second half of its twelve episodes.

The princess is from the Moon. The moon is populated and has separated most ties from the Earth following a rather brutal battle many years in the past. Princess Feena goes to Earth as a diplomatic exercise. Tatsuya lives under the supervision of his sister, who works as an assistant to the President. It just so happens that the same sister has agreed to let Princess Feena stay with them for the duration of her stay. Surprise, surprise… it just so happens that the two fall for each other. It is at the moment that the two realize their feelings (a moment that takes them too long to realize) that the exterior forces start getting in the way.

Feena’s father had promised her hand to an arrogant, biased captain–someone Feena already rejected several times. To find out that on Feena’s trip she got engaged would feel like Earth manipulating the Moon and trying to reassert their power over them. Not to mention the assassin who experienced the first war between Earth and Moon and wants to avoid any more unpleasantries of such nature by killing Tatsuya.

It all culminates in a whirlwind of activity with gunfire, deaths, and the viewer left with mouth agape and wondering if they really saw what they saw. It is activity not commonly associated with the romance genre and it really strengthens the series. Recommended for those into romance animes.

Title: Yoake Mae Yori Iro Na -Crescent Love-
US Distribution: none yet
Number of Episodes: 12
Availability: fansubs, though I forget the group that I watched. This doesn’t strike me as a show that will get brought over to the US.
Links: ANN Encyclopedia
Rating: 55


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