ef – a tale of memories (Complete Series)

ef – a tale of memories (yes, it is capitalized like that–or more accurately, not capitalized) is an intertwining tale of romance. There are two main romances involved coming from two different sets of characters and which largely do not intersect. These two stories are the emotional tug to drive the series.

The first character is Hirono Hiro (pictured), a manga artist who skips way too much school to try and meet deadlines. No one but his best friend, Shindou Kei, knows about his job and he wants to keep it that way. His life suddenly goes topsy-turvy when his bicycle is stolen by Miyamura Miyako, a feisty girl who goes to his school. Somehow she manages to skip more school than Hiro, and this common element (plus Miyako’s outgoing personality) turn them into friends. Kei sees this increasing attention to Miyako as an unwelcome intrusion, and thus the triangle is formed.

The other sphere of characters centers around Asou Renji, a quiet spoken boy who lives with his mother. He encounters a girl, Shindou Chihiro, sitting on the platform of an abandoned train station. They strike up a conversation and enjoys it, asking if she will be back the next day. However, a warning comes to Renji from Chihiro’s caretaker telling him not to pursue the friendship. Failing to heed the advice, Renji is flung into a whirlwind that he can’t quite define or grasp. By the time he figures out what the caretaker’s warning signified, he is too emotionally attached to back out.

The two story lines, by themselves, are too common and simplistic to be of interest by themselves. But they are interwoven in such a way that keep things moving nicely through the twelve episode series. The lion’s share of the attention goes to Renji and Chihiro, probably due to the more romantic, less definable obstacle. But what really drives the series is the stunning visuals that are crafted for the viewer.

The first three or four episodes are jaw-dropping as the viewer becomes accustomed to the artistic style presented. It is a style that refuses to remain static, switching from a full palette of colors to black and white. From watercolor skies to complete silhouette. Each scene in the series is a treat as lines go from wavy to angled. Furthermore, and perhaps more impressive, is that this show in flexibility doesn’t distract from the story, which makes it all the more beautiful. Definitely one of the most impressively animated series I have seen.

In the end, though, the story is merely adequate and will probably only be of interest to those who already enjoy romantically-themed animes. However, everyone should check out at least one episode to get a taste of the visual delights which are presented. As a romantic anime there is enough going for ef – a tale of memories to make it quite memorable and pleasing.

Title: ef – a tale of memories
US Distributor: none yet
Number of Episodes: 12
Availability: fansubs (if I remember right, conclave-mendoi did a pretty bang-up job)
Links: ANN Encyclopedia
Rating: 90


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