Dear AbbyDejaVu Volume 1

South Park Dear AbbyThis seems like a good time to start a new segment of the blog. Up to this point I have simply reviewed stuff that I have seen. However, there was no way I could maintain the pace I was writing at: it takes much longer to watch a series than it does to write about it. Hence this new feature of the site: A trustworthy “Dear Abby” for anime! Complete with bonafide Dear Abby South Park icon, created by yours truly. So without further ado: the questions.

Dear AnimeDejaVu,

Why haven’t there been any updates for a while? I can’t get my beauty sleep when this much time has passed since a new post!


I know. That is why there have been no updates. I am quite concerned with you not getting beauty sleep. Seriouly though, I am in the process of working 7 straight days… I’ve had enough time to work and crash and that is about it. Everything else is merely secondary. As a bit of a teaser for next week, I am in the middle of working on a write-up of the Tekkon Kinkreet movie. I started writing it early this past week but haven’t had time to finish writing it.

If you like the idea of a Dear Abby for anime, please email any questions you might have to and they may just end up being answered here. In fact, there is a very GOOD chance they will, considering the pathetic amount of traffic this blog gets.


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