About Me In Almost Every Possible Way

My name is Jacob. I’m an English major at a vaguely respectable college, Millersville University in Central PA. I am a cool guy. No joke. Everyone who meets me proposes marriage, even the lesbians. I can’t really blame them. I have 24 years of life experience–which so far has been plenty. That is me off to the right there, completely neglecting to engage in any kind of smile.

I appreciate all sorts of creative expression: literature (hello, English major!), music (I’ve written a whole shlockload of music reviews in my day for reputable websites), art (but can’t create it to save my life), theater (yes, I preformed on the Fulton Opera House stage… although that was pre-voice change, so it was quite a while ago), among others.

As an English major I feel I am prone to writing overly long, pretentious texts that use too many words and try to be too smart. Oh well, I’m kind of OK with that. I have yet to be paid for any of my writing, so everything I do for this blog is on my own time. AKA, I write what I want to write when I want to write it and how I want it written. Feel free to add a comment tearing apart the way I write… but recognize that the changes are good I won’t do anything about it (unless it is a spelling error. Stupid, unreliable spell check!)

Anime has been a passion of mine for a relatively short time, so I don’t consider myself an expert by any stretch of the imagination. However, I tend to feel the need to write about things that excite me and I feel like a blog is a perfect place for that. Feel free to contact me with any questions… I love hearing people’s opinions, thoughts, etc.

sirtheory (at) gmail (dot) com


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