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A few words on my new review layout…

October 21, 2008

What I was doing before was good. Nice write-ups on anime. Hard to go wrong. But you know what is even better? That’s right… Rankings! Distributor Info! Links galore! Oodalaly! I will still write (albiet ridiculously spordically… amazing how Univeristy manages to suck my time into the netherworld….), so view this not as a change, but an improvement. More info for the same price of admission. Can’t go wrong! Here is what the format will look like:

Title: Bleach or Azumanga Daioh, for example
US Distributor: Like, Viz or ADV, or if not yet in US I’ll put something like fansub (group: dattebayo). No links to downloads, but I’ll give the fansub group- just for the record.
Number of Episodes: Because it is good to know, you know? For series that are still going on, I’ll put whatever is planned (assuming it is listed on ANN). For movies I’ll just list the time.
Links: Whatever I feel like linking to… usually something like this or this.
Availability: US availability should be answered by the US distributor part, but this will answer whether the series is complete or on-going, or if it is out of print (and if so, how hard is it to get). So, to continue with the Bleach/Azumanga Daioh theme… “The first two “seasons” are available on DVD as sets, although VIZ also releases individual DVDs which are farther along than the sets. The sets are Uncut, which gives them the edge.” and “The thinpack is in print and easily obtained.”
Rating: 85 and ? (Bleach gets an 85 and I have only seen one episode of Azumanga Daioh so far, so can’t comment there… although it is in the mail via RightStuf so soon… soon!

At this point I am unsure whether I’ll put that kind of information at the beginning… or at the end. So when I write up the first entry with this format I’ll see what looks best.


Sorry about the long delay

September 6, 2008

…not that anyone actually reads this. Anyway, the long delay was largely due to having nothing new to review. That has changed and I’ve got a nice little backlog to work with for a little while. Posts may still be somewhat sporatic as I’m in the middle of a crazy semester at school where I’m in two writing classes. But be that as it is, at least I have some things I can say again.


May 11, 2008

(The Obligatory First Post)

So it appears that earlier this evening WordPress was failing to operate properly. So, being of very little patience, I popped over to a registered this same name over there. But I really do prefer WordPress so now that this site is working, I’m doing it here, too. I’ll simulpost on the two blogs until I get a feel for which one is bringing in more traffic… then I might close one.. especially if it is a case of one blog seriously out performing the other.

Anyway, as can probably be gleamed by the name of the blog, this is an anime blog. Because anime has been my recent obsession and I love to write about the stuff I consume. This will be my outlet for that. The “DejaVu” part of the name comes from the fact that I’ll be talking about stuff from various eras. You might read about a new anime you haven’t seen… on the other hand you’re just as (or more) likely to read about ones you’re already deeply intimate with. Feel free to comment, good or bad, or don’t. Just recognize that I do this out of my love of both writing and anime.